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    Hi folks,

    as a fellow Veteran and military enthusiast, I wanted to ask that you come check out Campbell Military Films!

    We sell Military (16mm) films on DVD transferred at the highest quality.* Not just Warbirds, but Ships, Tanks, Submarines, Army, Navy, and Air Force.* Anything to do with the Military.*We provide specially tailored hand-crafted DVD's packed full of entertaining content.* Whether it's old historic Newsreels or modern-style documentaries you are after, we have something special here for you.* Give us a try! We think you will really like what we have done.*

    We are a family business, not some Hollywood studio, and we appreciate your support! We have spent several years gathering films so we can put them on disc and preserve them for others to enjoy.* Each of our DVD's has extensive film footage which is uniquely put together by us, for your entertainment.


    When you buy a DVD of your choice, we'll give a FREE DVD to a Veteran or current US service person of your choice.
    This is our way of showing our appreciation for anyone who has served for our country.

    Please come check us out at
    or at least go enjoy the films we have up on youtube for free! at

    We need your support to keep our passion for preserving old films alive!

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