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Cross of Iron w/ James Coburn.

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    Originally posted by R. Evans View Post
    I read the book and saw the movie and thought both of them well done. But the movie doesn't really follow the book all that much. Really, the only thing they share is a title. If you can keep them seperate, both are worthing searching out.
    Incidentally, that opening song is called Hänschen Klein (Little John)

    Hänschen klein
    Geht allein
    In die weite Welt hinein.
    Stock und Hut
    Steht im gut,
    Ist gar wohlgemut.
    Aber Mama weinet sehr,
    Hat ja nun kein Hänschen mehr!
    "Wünsch dir Glück!"
    Sagt ihr Blick,
    "Kehr' nur bald zurück!"

    Little John
    He has gone
    Out to see the world alone
    Staff and hat,
    Look at that,
    He's one happy cat.
    But his mommy cries a lot
    Now she has no Johnny got.
    "Fortune find,
    But you mind,
    Come back to your kind."

    etc etc...


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