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  • The Pacific, episode 5...

    Basilone crosses the US gathering fame as well as those war bond sales.

    Sledge is assigned to the 5th Marines on Pavuvu and runs into Philips for a moment or two.

    Leckie rejoins his unit and along with Sledge is in the very tough Peleliu Island landing.

    Cheers, I was going to put a poll up with this thread but I think I'll use a separate new thread for that!! This is the start of the best episodes from what "they say", so this might be very interesting on how they do this one!!

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    The best episode yet!!

    Basilone is in a photo op with Ritta Hayward, then follows her into a hotel. He passes by fans who ask him questions about the Marines and he replies somewhat.
    He then goes to a hotel room with Ritta and I bet you can guess what they do then......LOL
    The next day Basilone meets his brother then coachs him that "he does not have to prove himself" when he gets into combat in the future. Meaning I take it that he does not have to live up to what Basilone did and what his reputation and fame is giving him as to perceptions from the public and all.

    These scenes seem to short like Sludges in episode 4, but I think most will forgive this as the actual combat later really puts the series out of the gate!!

    Sledge is in a transport ship that gets him to his new Marine platoon. His reception there as well as the new Marines is cool, as expected, except for one Vet Marine. But you can tell that something is just a bit "off" with this guy.....

    Sledge and Phillips reunite with a friendly wrestling match before some officers disrupt their reunion, all in good fun though. You start to notice that Phillips is a changed man to say the least compared to when we first meet him in episode 1! It is noted that phillips will be rotated home soon, the lucky dog!
    Sledge asks him what combat is really like but Phillips really can't reply with much per say..
    The next day Sledge goes to find Phillips and he is gone, shipped back as he can see the transport ship leaving the island with phillips.....

    Leckie gets back to his group in his platoon with some ribbing, and he gifts his buddies with some books and he is back into the fold.
    And gets into a small discussion about the Bible later on, and what do we find out about that you ask. Good old Lucky "beleaves in ammunition" more than the bible as of now!!! ha ha

    Now onto the beach landing

    Sledge is loading onto his small landing vehicle inside the big landing craft and ready to go. He is curious and that leads him to peeking over the sides of his vehicle while in route to the beach and some Japanese arty comes fairly close to getting him. The shot of the blown up landing vehicle is a bit to CGIish to me but otherwise great stuff!!
    Sledge jumps out of his vehicle as they hit the beach having to go over a Marine that has just been hit to get onto the sand. He makes it throuhg the beach with a SPR moment of loss of hearing from a close shell hit and gets off the beach!! A Sherman tank takes a direct hit and blows up just as it gets into the jungle......

    Leckie mans one of the MGs on his landing vehicle and pours fire at the enemy jungle just before he lands. Once he is on the beach he seems hesitant to get back into combat but a buddy hepls him along that just takes a second and he assaults the airstrip lanfing defences along with Sledge. But a close friend of Leckies is wounded/killed??

    When they get to the airfield they are greeted by Japanese tanks as well as enemy infrantry!!
    Loved it when they show Sledges Platoon trying to kill the tanks with some mortar shots, as well as the Japanese infrantry, but no luck stopping the tank.
    A bazooka team finally stops the tank with a hit, but it still continues to fire. The Marines start retreating and just then a Sherman fresh off the beack nails the Japanese tank and blows it up for good!!

    Now this is combat BoB style and we have all been waiting for this, and now we have it!!

    Later while Sledge and his new vet marine friend take some chow, the vet forgot something he had to do and moves away. Sledge follows and sees the Marine use a knife to get some gold teeth from a dead Japanese soldier....

    Later that night Sledge and his platoon talk about having to cross that open airfield on the next day....

    And another to short episode comes to a close....

    Just about as good as a BoB episode in my humble opinion, i would give it a 10 except the 20 missing minutes they could do so much with, so I'll give it a 9.5.

    Cheers, time to watch it again to see what I missed the first time. Hopefully we will also get some more posts here on this excellent episode I hope!!

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      I'm currently reading "With the Old Breed", and they're certainly following Sledge's story with great detail. I'm curious to see how they film the dash across the airfield, considered by some to be the most harrowing day in USMC history.
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        Number five is the best episode thus far. I really liked how they did the beach assault scene and the intensity of the fighting on the beach was powerful.
        9.5 score for me as well.
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          Originally posted by TRDG View Post
          Basilone is in a photo op with Ritta Hayward
          It was Virginia Grey link

          Sorry I am a 30s/40s movie nerd
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            5 shows in and the series is doing very well.

            Comparing The Pacific to Band of Brothers is like comparing cars to trucks...pointless.

            I'm noticing a few key operations are not being included. Inevitable, weren't in every landing.
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              Now that was an episode. Had my heart pounding since the Amtrak departed the LST. Talk about a real buildup until they hit the beach. Even the Pavuvu scenes were great.

              And, might I say, finally showing Machine Gunners and Mortarmen at the fore. Mostly its about the infantrymen, but MG and Mortar guys were on the frontline and suffered as much as the pure infantrymen.


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                My bad

                Not good old Ritta, don't know where I got that from, sorry guys!

                I think it is more than fair to match The Pacific against BoB, and their different aproaches they took to make it (in their eyes) different and better? or just as good? as BoB.

                I think episodes 1-4 was more of a set up for the heavier combat as well as its aftermath for our Marines. BoB was kind of the opposite at times. Episodes 6-10 will tell us that in the end.

                Cheers, just pop in each episode of BoB after watching the same episode in The Pacific and there is quite a difference. To me one episode of BoB can stand up more as an almost complete story in itself, an in an actual hour of time compared to most of TP, except ep 5 for TP which is the best so far.

                Cheers, thanks for the comments guys, and I wonder how they made those Japanese tanks..... Can't wait to find out eventually!!!



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                  Get to asking Bruce quickly.


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                    This was the best episode by far.

                    Good points-

                    It didn't feel rushed and flowed nicely. I especially loved Haney and his idiosyncrasies. I particularly liked that scene where he was brushing his privates in glee in the rain when it suddenly started stopped out of nowhere casuing him to scream out in indignation:

                    'Don't quit on me now you fvcker! I still need to rinse!'

                    -I liked the scene of Sledge and Phillips on the beach and Sledge's tenderness towards the crab and also the scene between Leckie and Sledge discussing about God and all; really powerful stuff.

                    -The combat scenes are probably the best ever filmed. You feel like you are really there witnessing it all in front of your eyes. The quick scenes of the mortars in action was particularly to my liking.

                    Bad points-

                    -They are all wearing brown side camo covers without one single green side or HBT camo cover which some Marines actually wore on Peleliu as seen in the following photograph (the Corpsman wears his helmet with a HBT cover).


                    -They shouldn't have jumped over the sides of the LVT4. It has a tailgate and you exit from the back but it is understandable if they couldn't procure a workable LVT2, which had no tailgate and thus forced the Marines to jump over the side, that Sledge actually transported Sledge to the beach that day.

                    -The CGI on that blown up amtrac seemed very artificial.

                    -The recoil from the M1 Garands was very weak.

                    Now, to end this with some humour about idiots saying that Sledge and Phillips are gay lovers-

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                      "-The recoil from the M1 Garands was very weak."

                      Been noted in SPR and BoB as well. They could increase the amount of powder in the blanks they use, but I'm sure that would be an absolute no-no for the safety of the actors and crew.

                      "The quick scenes of the mortars in action was particularly to my liking."

                      Definitely. Like I said in my post, finally some love and respect for mortarmen.


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