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Odd Scene in Pacific #2

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  • Odd Scene in Pacific #2

    OK feel free to tell me if I'm wrong.
    There's a scene in #2 (I've watched it twice) that I cant get straight in my head.
    A young officer moves up to the front line, the guys are shoulder to shoulder. He issues some quick order, stands up, and is shot thru the head. The guy on his LEFT is seen several times after that with bloodstains on HIS LEFT face, neck, shirt, etc. He's even seen washing the blood off of the LEFT side of his face.
    Since he was to the left of the officer shouldnt the blood be on his RIGHT side????
    I thought when I watched it the 1st time I missed something so I made apoint to watch closer the 2nd time.
    Help me out here---Am I still wrong---or did the editors miss a big OOPS!???
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    no it looks like they got it right shot officer shot in the right side of his neck blood splatter splashed back on to the left side of soldier face dont know how officer fell but soldier seems to be on the other the other side of him in next few frames


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