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The Pacific, 2nd episode, Basilone

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  • The Pacific, 2nd episode, Basilone

    Just a general recapp of what will happen in general for this episode.

    The 7th Marine comes ashore with Basilone and helps defend the airfield at guadalcanal.

    In a Japanese night attack Basilone plays a key role in it, but suffers a loss as well.....

    And after 4 months of fighting the Japanese the 1st Marine Division gets moved off Guadalcanal and heads to Australia for some well deserved R&R.

    Cheers, looking forward to this ep as well, still have high hopes for this one and how they portray it ompared to the 1st one.


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    Nice to see that

    Episode 2 can be seen on a lot of sites after the show airs Sunday evening, just googled it and it seems a lot of places will carry it, just not HBO it seems.

    Cheers, no idea which one would be the best to watch from though, a little help here again please people?




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      Edit: Oops, that wasn't supposed to happen. Anyway here is the link.
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        Just a blank square

        on your post, maybe a link to what you think is a good site to watch episode 2.

        Cheers, 1 more day to go!! Ha Ha



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          Just got done watching it

          I'm still a tad confused, but I think I liked what I saw a bit better. Almost wished this was the first episode beleave it or not.

          The small ambush at the beginning, with Leckie I think.

          Then more of the men in between the fighting, very well done

          Then the interesting stealing supplies from the newly arrived US Army, cigars and some new footwear for Leckie!!! Don;t forget those peachs that made him sick after his "Guadalcanal diet"!!

          The Japanese navy shelling at night, perfect, glad they inclueded it!!

          Now I was a bit confused on when they switched to Basilone, I'll rewatch it again after I rewatch the first episode so they are back to back when ep 2 comes on again in an hour.

          Not quite sure what Basilone was doing going outside of their perimiter during the night fight.....

          Grabbing the extra ammo and was that him with the 30 cal after that or Leckie? Manny KIAed, Basilones best?? friend, kinda why I wanted more background in the first episode on how close they were......

          Sledge tells Dad he is going in regardless, murmer or no heart murmer!! Cutaway to this did seem a bit off.

          The 1st Marines pull out after Guadalcanal is won!!

          Cheers, at first "glance" so to speak I say an 8.5 for a score.

          Will post again once I watch it again and focus a bit more on the battle and the two Marines.

          still a little worried that this "hour long" episodes are shorter than the hour, show is over 50 minutes into it, intro sucks up about 8, so they had almost 20 minutes to "play with" to add in more to each episode sad to say!!
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            I give episode 2 a 6.5.
            Cant stop comparing it to BoB. It doesnt come close!!!!!
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              Perhaps what The Pacific lacked that BOB had was a more coherent story - after all, the material is drawn mainly from one company, one book, etc.

              I haven't watched The Pacific, but one thing that struck me about BOB was the fact that the Band of Brothers concept came across very strongly, as opposed to simply the narrative of an individual.


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                I think I have a better grip on it now

                I thought Leckie was in the ambush, but it was Basilone.... Nice to see an attack not at night for once!! LOL

                I se the 30 cals were front and center again, I would like to realy know if that was the way it was on patrol then, looking for that lost platoon that led them to the ambush.

                THEN it switchs to Leckie in the dugout writing another leter to Vera

                Switch back to Basilone and the chow line scene, that Jananese head on a stick near the chow line though, I suppose after seeing what was in their chow.... Maybe that head was'nt such a health hazzard!!

                Interesting comments from that paper on what the Japanese think of the Marines, recruited from jails, insane asylums, blood lust.....

                The Marine vs Army rivalry first the Army truck almost running Basilone and his buds over. To the Japanese "airraid" the Army guys ran away from that let Leckie and other raid their supplies. That sounds like the US mentality to me!! Then finding the new and better Rifles the Army was equipped with compared to their "old WW I junk".

                The night shelling, first with Leckie then Basilone seeing the results in that direct hit in the dugout, nice touch that they included something like this that was an everyday thing from what I understand.

                Nice briefing about the situation on the Japanese attack on the airfield coming up, putting the cooks in line and we are short of cooks!!

                On the battle, I'm still not sure if Leckie was shown in that, still to confusing.

                Basilone lost his "MG glove" (to carry it when it is hot after being fired) he set down next to his positon (close up of that and I wondered why at the time...). Then picks up the hot gun bare handed without a thought to steady a breakthrough behind his lines. He cleared one of the MGs of a jam, Actually firing the 30 cal in his hands when he runs into the enemy soldiers behind his lines, then later the hand to hand combat, well done!!

                Now I see what he was doing in front of his lines, clearing the lane of fire for the other MG that to many bodies were piled up in front.

                Keeping the fire up with no tripod for the 30 cal to stop the enemy advance in this threatened position, then getting more ammo, running into more close combat again.

                Kind fo felt the ending with the "we won, lets pack our gear, orders to get off the Island" was a tad of a let down after all of this.

                For me a bit more because we have the R & R episode (3)coming up, and if perhaps they showed one more battle, say in ep3, THEN did R&R on ep 4, it might resonate a bit more of all the resuts of the combat In Australia, but I could be wrong here....

                Cheers, who else has seen this tonight and anyone watch it on the net by chance?



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                  Just saw the episode and I'll give it a 8.5.
                  The only problem with this episode is that I don't think they portrayed the suffering of the troops all that well. Also I don't think the Japanese assault came off as intense as it really was. From what little reading I've done the assault was brutal and the show seemed rather pedesterian in comparison.
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                    I thought it was excellent.I'm not really looking for BoB here.The sreies stands on its own merits.I really did enjoy the scene with the Marines looting the Army supply dump.Especially when they cracked open the case of M1s.I know the Marines were slower to switch to the Garand,when did the M1 become the main battle rifle for the Corp?
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                      Google fails, too many losers using passwords torrents (assholes). Had to wait another day and get it off the newsgroup (I will just need to be more patient.

                      On event accuracy, I am not even planning to go there, out of my scope.

                      On comments about what I SAW, I am damned impressed.

                      So why the %$%#@$%# can't anyone else in Hollycrud figure out that weapons fire does NOT look like it does in more or less everything else in film.

                      This film impressed me for how credible it looked at the visual level. And no, I'm not planning to go on a nit pick fest
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                        Also,I can't remember the last time I saw a Reising SMG in a war movie.
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                          it does,nt start here in the u.k. until the easter monday, I am looking forward to it, although it seems! some mixed receptions here, but as some say! it should stand on it's own merits, as comparing it's forerunner, bob! often tends to lend to disappointment, ray..


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                            If you watch both episodes

                            Back to back the first episode seems a bit better, in my opinion anyways. They should have done just that, like BoB's first two episodes on the same night.


                            A little link to what is reported in the battle in Lunga with Basilone, they seemed to get almost everything in there, except the 45 shooting by him (though he did use it in those great close hand to hand combat scenes), and the depressed 30 cal fire.

                            Not to bad, could have been a bit longer but then we would'nt have been able to bond a bit more with "the guys". And as we know that is very important if you want to really get into the series!!

                            Cheers, just DON"T READ the last part of the article as it will spoil what happens to him later on.......

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                              I cant read any posts in this thread because of not yet seeing this series but, I noticed someone mention Sergeant "Manila John" Basilone. This Marine is one of my alltime favorite Marines who got the Medal of Honor (NOT) Congressional Medal of Honor---and who fought on Guadalcanal. Sadly, I hated learning he was later killed elsewhere.
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