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What is Liberal Hollywood Up To?

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  • What is Liberal Hollywood Up To?

    So Hurt Locker wins for best picture. I saw it when it first came out and had a favorable opinion about it. It has been 23 years since a movie dealing with a war theme has won an Oscar for best picture (Platoon). Letters from Iwo Jima was nominated and Eastwood won for director on Flags Of Our Fathers. I know it sounds strange seeing how liberal 99% of Hollywood is, so was this a snub at Avatar?
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    Avatar was flawed.
    That sudden shift where the pilot girl decides to forgo any sense of internal conflict and just spontaneously resolves to go native, disobey orders and throw her life away by not attacking a tree was completely unbelievable.


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      they got their own war movie coming out called the Green Zone.
      Are we there yet?


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        Call me old fashioned but I dont like these animated movies. I thought Hurt Locker was very deserving


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          I just watched the Hurt Locker tonight on DVD. I thought it was well done except for a few over the top things. I have not seen Avatar so I couldn't tell you what I think in comparison.

          As to the question of why Hollywood would honor such a war movie, I was wondering that myself while watching the film since it didn't seem to portray the soldiers as baby killers and rapists like Platoon did. There also didn't seem to be the usual political overtones that Hollywood loves so much.

          The answer came in the directors commentaries. She said that the purpose of the film was to illustrate the futility of the Iraq war. Well, that is certainly a theme that Hollywood can get behind.

          Hats off to the director for not trying to bludgeon us with political commentary. She may have intended a message, but it didn't come across as anti solider and it certainly wasn't heavy handed. Aside from the short but gratuitous scene with the colonel and the portrayal of the main character as perhaps being out of control, this was really more of a subtle approach than most war films with a political message. So much so that I think most people will walk away from the film thinking there wasn't really much of a message beyond the "War is hell" and sympathy for those caught in the middle theme that we can all accept and relate to.

          Given that most of the films out of Hollywood that win recognition these days are either fluff and garbage or purely political, I think this is a refreshing change. It deserves some recognition. It was a well done film.


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            I think the only reason Hurt Locker came out on top was because Bigelow was the first woman to win Best Director. So they capped it off with Best Picture, too.

            Gender politics; that's the only reason. If Hurt Locker had a male director, Avatar would have won. In short, Hollywood is still the roach motel we all know it to be.
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              Flawed or not, Avatar took films to an entirely new level and out-earned everything else by a big margin. Hurt Locker comes nowhere close - just another war film about Iraq.

              I agree totally with WS's comment.
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