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    Originally posted by Stratego View Post
    I'm looking forward to Pacific also, but ELLE has got a point...I'd like to see one from a different view also ! Even the German point of view

    I agree its a good idea, but I doubt it would ever happen. Someone mentioned the Fallschirmjagers and I do think that would be a great unit to follow, Eban Emal, Crete, Italy, Normandy, Market Garden.
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      Someone needs to

      Get on the phone to Tom Hanks and HBO for this one. I'm sure there is no chance to get a 10 part series on any "Band of Germans". But I bet it would do fairly well once the buzz got out.

      Lots of options and ways to go here for this, a real look at the life and times of the German soldier in WW II. I'm sure they could find lot of info if they just look. Say a Pz Grenadier Company or tank Company living and fighting it out on their half-tracks/tanks, and on foot sometimes as needed. The German armour, vehicles and guns to be in the show would be priceless. Be it the real thing or built, no CGI please though for the vehicles themselves I think.
      The mind set of each German (from the farmboy "SS type", love of country, the military man to just the average German soldier), background and how they got involved in the war besides the fighting scenes, we could get a whole look at the "enemy" perspective, right or wrong.

      Cheers, would'nt that be something you would like to see at some point, Russain Band of Comrades should be interesting as well....



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        I wouldn't mind seeing them go outside WWII and delve into Korea. There are many great stories and events to craft a ten episode series.
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          German point of view? Check Bridge.


          While Brittania's Huns with their long-range guns
          Sailed in through the foggy dew.



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            Back to the original topic, I think we may have to temper our expectations that this series will turn out like the Band of Brothers.

            The Pacific war was mainly fought by isolated groups of men and was overlaid by a sense that our foes were fundamentally different from us. In that sense, the war in the Pacific bears a closer relation to the complex war on terrorism the U.S. is waging now, making the new series a trickier prospect but one with potential for more depth and resonance. "Certainly, we wanted to honor U.S. bravery in The Pacific," Hanks says. "But we also wanted to have people say, 'We didn't know our troops did that to Japanese people.' " He wants Americans to understand the glories ó and the iniquities ó of American history.
            Hanks as in Tom Hanks, here talking about the series.


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              Originally posted by Ogukuo72 View Post
              Back to the original topic, I think we may have to temper our expectations that this series will turn out like the Band of Brothers.

              Hanks as in Tom Hanks, here talking about the series.
              It made it here also

              I makes me mad that he says that. Oh lets forget about them attacking Pearl Harbor, Killing and raping in China, Philliphines, etc. Oh we just attacked them becuase they were different. Give me a break. I hope this is not put in the series.
              Are we there yet?


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                Warriors, Inc.

                For those who dig the behind-the-scenes action...

                Here's a link to the Updates from when I was tracking the training program for the actors that retired Marine Corps Captain Dale Dye runs.

                Same program he used for Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, and Band of Brothers (just to name a few titles).
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