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A "WTF?" Movie Moment

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  • A "WTF?" Movie Moment

    So I was watching Terminator Salvation last night and near the end when John Connor enters the Skynet HQ a door opens and a naked big guy looking just like the governor of California comes out and starts pursuing Connor. You could see the governor's naked ass.


    You guys seen that?

    "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
    --Frederick II, King of Prussia

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    Come on MZ,Don't tell me you wern't expecting a Arnie moment! I have to say that that was a perfect scene for him to show up.
    If the art of war were nothing but the art of avoiding risks,glory would become the prey of mediocre minds. Napoleon


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      Ah, the ravages of time. Poor Arnie ain't what he used to be. It is good they used a CGI avatar instead of the real person.

      "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
      --Frederick II, King of Prussia


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        About the third Terminator movie:

        As Woody observed in Cheers about Godfather III:
        Yeah. They should have stopped after two.


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