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Decent CGI would benefit?

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  • Decent CGI would benefit?

    Too many films rely on CGI as la raison d'etre for seeing a film. Decent plot and acting often come too far down the list for many films.

    However, some otherwise decent films could have had more than a couple of dollars spent on CGI.

    We have just watched Alien Nation series and then watched the five TV films that followed on.

    I liked Alien Nation, as it is plot orientated, has decent acting, a continuous story line, with a cop buddy take. The alien themes are used to explore themes of Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Stereotypes, Religeon and more. It was intelligent sci fi, well grounded and plausible. However, the CGI sucked, and a few more dollars spent here could really lifted the series and spin off movies, just like a salad dressing can lift the flavours of otherwise excellent ingredients.

    Any other contenders where CGI could have improved an otherwise already excellent movie or series ?
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    I'll refine your question by saying it's not the quantity of the CGI, nor even the quality of the CGI (although bad CGI might as well be no CGI).

    Really, it's the moron in the directors chair unable to realize that sometimes subtle use of CGI in small near invisible doses here and there can totally fool an audience into think that which isn't real actually is real.

    But alas, most directors either think it is the audience that is the morons, or they simply don't much care.
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