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  • "Kandahar"

    Here's what they have on their site in English (seems like they used an e-translator):


    1995. The plane completing an air cargo delivery to Kabul is attacked by a Taliban fighter plane over Kandahar. The crew is taken captives and they have to survive in the hell during 378 days. The have only one chance. Escape.

    How not to betray your country if the price for the betrayal is freedom? How not to betray the religion, if the price for it is your own life? How to remain yourself under the threat of death? The only answer is to escape….

    The plane is waiting for them at the airfield. The take-off strip is mined, the fighter planes are in the air and the stingers are on the land. But they have no other chance to return home…


    On the 14th of July, 1995 Russian airplane IL-76 “Aerostan” airline was performing commercial flight from Albania (from Istanbul – in the film) to Kabul. The plane crew consisted of seven (five – in the film) men: crew captain Vladimir Sharpatov (Alexandr Baluev), second pilot Gazinur Hairullin (Vladimir Mashkov), flight navigator Alexandr Zdora (Andrey Panin), flight engineer Askhat Abbyazov (Bogdan Benyuk), wireless operator Yuriy Vshivtsev (Alexandr Golubev), onboard engineers Sergey Butuzov and Victor Ryazanov. The plane transported ammunition on board, meant for Afghanistan government, which by international law was declared humanitarian.
    In the sky above Kandahar our plane was suddenly attacked by MIG-21 – Taliban insurrectionary movement fight plane. IL-76 was ordered immediately to put down under the threat of fire for effect. Thus Russian pilots became captives of Afghan Taliban.

    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour

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    Russian Pilots Flee Afghan Captivity
    Published: August 18, 1996

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 17— A seven-man Russian air crew, held by a rebel faction in Afghanistan for a year, have escaped in their own plane to the United Arab Emirates, a Russian journalist said today.

    Igor Kuznetsov, Persian Gulf bureau chief for Russia's state-owned Novosti news agency, said that the crew had escaped on Friday under the pretense of carrying out maintenance work on their cargo plane. They landed in Sharjah, near Dubai, and were all in good health. said Mr. Kuznetsov.

    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour


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