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  • A Replacement For Oprah

    Now, I was never a fan. Personally, I always thought that Oprah was a neurotic egomaniac. So it's time to pick a replacement. Let's have someone with brains, loads of talent, self esteem and minimal neuroses. Charm and class also count. I offer for consideration:

    Jenna Jameson. By far the smartest woman in porn; great audience crossover potential and easy on the eyes.

    I might also suggest Dita Von Teese, but that would take her away from dancing, which I would never want to happen.
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    Oprah is like Bill Gates. %$#@ rich, always donating money, and you would think you should like her, but something about her show just never pleased me. Hell she's responsible for creating Phil, and that should be enough reason to just let her show die off with her

    Lost count of how many time she was fat then going thing, then fat again, then on a diet to get thin once more. Maybe the woman should either just enjoy her weight, or learn to eat correctly. You would think she could certainly afford to hire a chef that couldn't make her anything other than weight conscious food eh.

    Granted her show sure was better than the other shows that feature losers making a spectacle of themselves.
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      Do we really need a replacement for that cow?




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        No, we don't. And why deprive GT of his favorite occupation?
        Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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