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    I just finished watching this film today and thoroughly enjoyed it. The film is about a famous Norwegian who was a member of the Norwegian Resistance, Milorg, and then later became a member of the famous Linge Company which conducted special operations in occupied Norway.

    The film follows Max Manus from his service in the Finnish Army during the Winter War and then onto the beginning of his resistance work with a group of people he became best friends with. Manus and his friends were soon caught by the Germans due to their inexperience. In order to try and get away from the Gestapo Manus threw himself out of his apartment window and was hospitalised; he soon escaped.

    He is sent to train for the Linge Company in Scotland and then parachuted back into Norway with a few others, including his best friend.

    They conduct various sabotage operations but soon their number start to dwindle and then his best mate, Gregers Gram, is killed in an ambush. This pushes Max Manus into a desire for revenge; he and a few others infiltrate a harbour under German control and sabotage the SS Donau.

    When Norway is freed and everyone is celebrating Manus still feels saddened and depressed at the loss of his friends. A love interest he had returns to him and after participating in a victory parade cracks a smile.

    The film:

    The actual Max Manus:

    Linge Company:

    The trailer:

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