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    Sorry moved my thread on new WW2 films to here...

    WW2 buffs here are some really interesting upcoming WW2 movies for next year hopefully...


    Directed by Denzel Washington

    About an all Black tank Batallion in the Battle of the Bulge.



    starring Brad Pitt... about Col. Wendell Fertig's heroic adventure in the Japanese-occupied Philippine island of Mindanao... Based on a true story


    KILLING ROMMEL - 2010 possibly 2011

    Based on the novel by Steven Pressfield. It's about a British battalion's attempt at defeating Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, in the North African desert in 1942

    sounds really interesting..



    Holocaust movie about a jewish boy and his aunt witness slaughter in the warsaw ghetto .. Based on the Louis Begley's novel


    Agent Zigzag (2010) Movie

    There will be a movie released on the story of the Double agent Edward Arnold Chapman. He worked for the nazis to spy on the British.. but then tured to helping the Brits get top secret info from the Nazis.. really an interesting story

    Eddie Chapman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Tom Hanks is producer of the film


    The Pacific MiniSeries: March 2010

    The Dambusters remake as well...
    New Book Release:

    "Amazing Airmen": "Canadian Flyers In The Second World War"

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    Looks like a mixed bag. The Pacific,Brothers in Arms and They Fought Alone look interesting. It is high time that Fertig got a look.
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      Here's some more WW2 films release dates TBA...

      Flying Tigers:

      Based on the volunteer fighter squadron formed to help the Chinese fight the Japanese before the U.S. entered World War II.

      The Long Green Shore:

      Set in mid-1945 after V-E Day, but before the fall of Japan, this is the story of an Australian battalion sent to New Guinea to force the beleaguered Japanese to retreat - however the enemy troops will fight to the very end.


      During World War II, the U.S.S. Indianapolis is sunk by a Japanese sub following a secret mission to deliver materials for the atomic bomb that will be dropped on Hiroshima. The men float for five days in the Philippine Sea and only 317 of an estimated 900 who abandoned ship are pulled from the shark-infested waters.

      The Dirty Dozen:

      A major enlists twelve condemned soldier-prisoners for a dangerous mission. A modern update on the 1967 actioner that starred Lee Marvin as a major who conscripts twelve condemned soldier-prisoners for a dangerous mission in WWII.
      New Book Release:

      "Amazing Airmen": "Canadian Flyers In The Second World War"


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        I want a movie about Eastern Front...but that's not coming...
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