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Japanese War Movie "Yamato"

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  • Japanese War Movie "Yamato"

    I find this interesting because I've never seen a Japanese WWII action movie. I guess this is supposed to show the final battle of the battleship Yamato against American planes. A crappy piece of work from the realism point of view because rather than divebomb the huge ship, the American planes spend 99% of the time machine-gunning the hapless Japanese crew. Very gory and graphic, probably inspired by Private Ryan and other American films.

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    Is there anyplace you can get this movie on DVD? Looks interesting but I haven't found a place to buy it. I looked on Barnes and Noble and only found a space opera anime.
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      The wiki says it wasn't released over here, but there are english subtitled versions.

      Says they've got a bit of it at Leyte Gulf. I wonder if they show it getting its ass kicked by Taffy 3?
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        I'm guessing the one-eyed sailor is a main character. Also it looks like the Sailor steering the ship is singing.

        I'd like to see the full movie and see how it stacks up to historical records. "History or Hollywood"

        Thanks for sharing.
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          It has been posted on the forum before. Definitely Hollywoody, accentuating the noble glory and self-sacrifice of the Yamato crew...allegedly.

          The first few seconds of the clip above show you how poorly they did that, as the crew is first shown tensely at action stations, then the shout of alarm from the lookout and everyone runs to...action stations again?
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            Wouldn't that be Tokyo-woodie?
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              Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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