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The Czar (2009)

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  • The Czar (2009)

    Today is the official release date of "Czar" - a new Russian film set in the days of Ivan the Terrible. Judging by the reviews it is more focused on the dramatic side, exploring the morality/state power controversy, rather than being an accurate depiction of historical events.

    A minor yet important note: the translation of the Czar's words at 0:56 is a tad incorrect, it should be "Dare not speak against our State" instead of "Do not stand in my will's way".
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    Siege of Leningrad battlefield tour

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    Just returned from seeing this.

    It is a good flick, not as epic as "Mongol" but really intriguing, and there are very interesting characters, although I wish some of them would have been developed a little more.

    If you want blood, war, and gore you will be disappointed. (There is one short battle scene against the Poles, but it was a backdrop to show the use of an Orthodox Icon)

    But if you enjoy good dramatic stories with lots of eye candy (sets and costumes are A+++) then this is a good one. I'm sure there will be at least a subtitled in English version available in the future.
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