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Dead Snow - Nazi Zombies

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  • Dead Snow - Nazi Zombies

    Absolutely hilarious, with some of the best zombie scenes i've seen in a while. Takes and makes fun of so many horror cliches and does it in (sometimes) quite innovative ways.

    Excellent way to spend an evening with friends..

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    I will look for Dead Snow now. I liked Outpost. That was the film that lead me to find that there is an entire sub-genre of film dedicated to Zombie-Nazis.

    On an unrelated rant: I only wish there were Zombie-Nazis in the movie Valkyrie, the director of which really sucked and who should have been dragged by SS-Zombitruppen in front of the firing squad and shot for having ONE real german in the film, and casting all the rest of the Nazis as foppish, Winston Churchill sounding Englishmen who can't be bothered to even try and do a German accent.


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      I especially liked the scene in which the girl followed the fat guy to the out house and started getting busy while he was...busy himself.
      Then stayed there to...empty...herself only to find that a zombie-Nazi-officer is peeping!
      Pure genius!


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        Dod Sno

        Watched it last night, only because I heard it mentioned here. There are only three things anyone who is interested in seeing this film needs to know:

        1) There is absolutely no nudity.

        2) You can miss the first 45 minutes (90 minute film). Nothing happens. It's all talk (sub-titled).

        3) The sub-title lettering is in white. This screws up anyone trying to follow the conversation when it happens out of doors against the constant back-drop of snow covered mountains. But don't worry, neither the plot or the characterizations are important to the killing.

        As an example, it's never explained how all those German soldiers came to be zombies. But that's not important, because it doesn't stop or interfere with the killing.

        So, if you like gratuitous violence uninterrupted by anything, like a story, the last 45 minutes of this is your film. I have to admit that the Nazi zombies are cool. Their leader, Oberst Herzog, looks good.

        My advice? Watch it on the movie channel before you spend the money to rent it.

        So long as men worship the Caesars and Napoleons, Caesars and Napoleons will duly rise and make them miserable.

        Aldous Huxley: Ends and Means (1937)


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