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  • Another Godfather II Question

    When Frank Pantangeli had a wire pulled around his neck in the bar at the meeting with the Rosato brothers, was it part of Hyman Roth's master plan that he survive? It seems like it was planned, because the button man said "Michael Corleone sends you his regards", and Hagen said "Roth played this beautifully" earning a nasty look from Michael, but on the other hand how did the Rosato brothers know the policeman was going to come in right at that time?

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    An interesting speculation, and one I'm not sure of. There are those hints it was Roth's plan, but on the other hand the policeman did break it up early. I have a Godfather collection, will have to see if there's any director's/actor's commentary that discusses it.


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      I'd say you are correct in that it was Roth's plan all along. The policeman showing up was just a coincidence.
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