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Comming Soon : "We are from the Future"

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  • Comming Soon : "We are from the Future"

    It's hard to categorize this movie,
    yes, it does contain S/F elements,
    current warning for Battlefield Treasure Hunters,
    more than just a war story........

    For American and western European Battlefield- Souvenier- Treasure hunters, Russia's Battlefields are an El-Dorado.
    Large Forrest areas, dried up swamps have never been cleaned entirely of war debrie.
    So Gangs of russian youngsters have made a business out of that phenomenon.
    This Gang in the movie did not expect what they where bargaining for.

    I had some expectations about this movie because found it quite interesting to see about modern guys happened to appear in actions of the World War II. But I found that movie is not all about that. And I wasn't disappointed. The movie is truly very original, it contains humor, sadness, love and war altogether and some important messages. Yes, special effects there are not great, but they shouldn't be, because this film isn't about that, this is about the tragedy that war is. This is about not forgetting what the war is, never forgetting. And this message is staying in your head for a long time after the end of the film. Also I think actors did their job quite well(specifically a nurse girl, I was so charmed of her), especially taking into account that for most of them it was the first relatively big movie(for Russia of course)

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