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RAJA 1918 (Border 1918)

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  • RAJA 1918 (Border 1918)

    Revolution and Civil War in Russia and Finnland.
    Finnland still part of the Russian Empire defeats the finnish Reds,
    The Russian Red Army, busy fighting the White Armies approaching
    Moskow and Petrograd (became Leningrad and today St.Petersburg),
    have no means to deal with the "Breakaway Province"(Trotzki).

    Now Finnland is establishing a Border to Soviet-Russia.....
    A young decorated white Officer, is put in charge of one of the newly
    established Border Posts.

    I personally could not have lived with all the terrible decicions he had to make, nor could I identify myself with the character, even if I tried in the beginning. Like in "BOY IN STRIPED PAJAMAS" , he seemed to be a very nice and likeable fellow Chap .............
    For people who want to watch this movie no further Spoilers.
    I just want to add: No Formula applied, no B.S. character - development,
    just the grim realities: Nothing like any Hollywood movie I know.
    My vote: a 10 out of 10 stars !

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