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  • Outpost (2008)

    Now I am a huge lover of films, I have over 380 DVD's, but I am also a nit-picker.

    Last night I watched Outpost, a film about a hidden Nazi bunker in Eastern Europe where human experiments were tried out to make invincible soldiers in WWII. There is a hidden secret within the bunker...ghost Nazi's...stupid people running around firing at invincible beings...etc etc.

    Has anyone watched this film? I was literally eating my arm off when they were firing continuous rounds at the ghost soldiers, knowing that they would not be effected, running into rooms and tipping over a filing cabinet to block their path, yet not closing the metal doors?!


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    I just saw outpost a a couple weeks ago. I liked it! SS-Zombietruppen!! AYYY!! Run away! And the guy from "Rome" was good in it. I was reading about it online, and it turns out that Outpost is just part of an entire sub-genre of film: that paranormal third-Reich genre. Anyways, I liked Outpost. Flawed, yes. Good, yes and that is what matters, right?

    For members of NetFlix, you can watch Outpost anytime online on the NetFlix website.
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      Did anyone here see Outpost?


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