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The Irish Struggle

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  • The Irish Struggle

    Another fascinating part of history is the struggle of a moderate size island Ireland in the Atlantic. Constantly trying to survive the Grip of powerful Neighbors, for thousends of years.
    I like to open this thread to share movies about their history and struggles.
    I'm a historical movie fan, collecting movies from literally all over the world.
    I do own a region-free DVD and VHS player, so I can watch and own everything that is made for those formats.
    I like to go beyond the commercialized and hyped up titles, and like to highlight the ones that are often much better, more complex, requiring a higher learning curve, and therefor are less known.
    I hope GENERAL STAFF can help me out a little here.

    Here is the Title I like to introduce first, because it is my favorite movie about their struggle: And I own this one on a 2 VHS set. Imported from

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    The wind that shakes the barley with Cillian Murphy

    Michael Collins with Liam Neeson

    Looking forward to see titles new to me, and possibly contribute some more.

    Tiocfaidh ár lá!


    Furthermore, I think Carthage must be destroyed.



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      The Wind that Shakes the Barley

      I believe I was the first nothamerican who collected the DVD.
      It was released first in Russia, in october 2006 and released on a region 5
      DVD, containing the english track.
      I voted 9 out of 10 Stars for this one.

      Did you know, that the german TV produced a miniseries in 1969 about the Irish Easter Uprising ?
      To my astonishment, there is very little listed about this monumental
      Series,over 4 hours long, on the
      I was 15 when I watched it. A Docudrama with lots of action, like ambushes and pitched streetbattles with Armored Cars.
      Very Impressive for a german made for TV production.
      The cast was mixed,german,irish and british actors(ess) and I remamber Patick McGohan was playing a small part in it.
      It was not a cheap production, and I wish I could locate this movie somewhere. An important peace of history and culture.
      I remember that this miniseries caused a stir in the german newspapers,
      conservative british officials criticised it for being biased.
      That was in 1969.
      Maybe that was the reason this film got hush hushed away.


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        Originally posted by Konzev View Post
        I hope GENERAL STAFF can help me out a little here.
        I don't know. I am probably not flavor of the month here, being originally English, but I am an amateur historian.

        I think I posted elsewhere about 'The Wind That Shakes the Barley', possibly on some thing Polish related. It seemed such a shame- these British lads were brutalized by WWI and then signed up to try to keep order in a country that had never wanted it from strangers for hundreds of years- a recipe for disaster.

        Michael Collins I always thought one of the best guerrilla leaders of all. If you have to go there- violence- go in hard and right and get it over and done with. There's an other movie.

        'Harry's Game' is very good for Northern Ireland.

        But Michael Collins to my mind stands out- towers- above all the others- even De Valera, whose claim to fame is he lived and kept the faith. ;-)
        Tactics are based on Weapons... Strategy on Movement... and Movement on Supply.
        (J. F. C. Fuller 1878-1966)


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          Film "Bloody Sunday" by Paul Greengrass which tels the story of the Massacre in Free Derry City, Northern Ireland in 1972. British Troops opened fire on a crowd of civil rights marchers and killed 14 of them.
          - Your Highness, the enemy is so numerous... they outnumber your army.
          - My friend, first I beat 'em then I'll count 'em
          (Polish King Jan III Sobieski during his campaigns)

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            I try not to rock the boat. I could put it an other way about not doing some thing where you eat.

            But I avoid commenting about this conflict like the plague- still raw here. I will post material, but as some one English who lives in Ireland I have a conflict of interest.

            It is hard to see English lads gunned down when you know if you had been born Irish you would be doing exactly what the Irish were doing. I only speak to pre-1930. What happened later is an other thing all to gather.
            Tactics are based on Weapons... Strategy on Movement... and Movement on Supply.
            (J. F. C. Fuller 1878-1966)


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              "Cal" - hard film with wonderful music by Mark Knopfler

              And "Fistful of Dynamite" with wonderful music of Ennio Moricone and James Coburn as former IRA fighter, now in Mexican revolution


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                Some come back Billy, wont you come on home
                Come back Mary, youve been away so long
                The streets are empty, and your mothers gone
                The girls are crying, its been oh so long
                And your fathers calling, come on home
                Wont you come on home, wont you come on home

                Ome back people, youve been gone a while
                And the war is raging, in the Emerald Isle
                Thats flesh and blood man, thats flesh and blood
                All the girls are crying but alls not lost

                The streets are empty, the streets are cold
                Wont you come on home, wont you come on home...


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                  My favorite Irish movie............"The Commitments". Classic music and very funny.

                  Lance W.

                  Peace through superior firepower.


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                    Political Historical movies about the Irish Struggle

                    Originally posted by Lance Williams View Post
                    My favorite Irish movie............"The Commitments". Classic music and very funny.

                    So you have seen those movies above, and You choose a non political
                    movie to wager in, please explain your reasoning for doing so.
                    This is by no means an "order" or something like that, I'm just curious


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