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Where are the chinese movies?

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    Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
    What sort of films are they? Romance, adventure of some sort, political thriller? And how well are they made?
    Lebanese drama is especially popular in the Middle East - and it's romance, romance, romance.


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      Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
      No kidding? Thanks for the info.

      What passes for an "art film" in Iran?
      They're generally in the neo-realistic style ... they can use non-professional actors to show ordinary people struggling with their lives.

      I've seen three of Majid Majidi's films, and the plots of these are:

      In Children of Heaven (nominated for an Oscar in 1998), a boy from an impoverished family loses his little sister's shoes, tries to keep the problem a secret from his parents, and enters a footrace to try to win the prize of a replacement pair. A feelgood movie.

      In The Colour of Paradise, a widower begins to think his only son - who is blind - is hindering him remarrying. He struggles against the feeling he's been dealt the wrong cards in his life. Does get quite spiritual at the end.

      Baran is a love story where a young Teheran construction worker discovers one of the illegal Afghan immigrants on the site is actually a girl ... when the immigrants are uncovered by the authorities and expelled, he has to lose all his youthful complacency to try to find her ...

      Majidi's a wonderful composer of slow, colourful visuals, but the most acclaimed Iranian film maker (Scorsese has said that he represents "the highest level of artistry in the cinema") is more experimental:

      Like other Iranian intellectuals, these guys have to work within the parameter that what they do is not necessarily appreciated by the rural population of Iran or its government.
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        Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
        This question is not intended as a joke:

        Do any of the Islamic nations make films?
        Eygpt is a large film maker...

        Back in the 80's, before we had more than just one channel-Arab films had a great crowd over here...

        There's still a broadcasting every friday aftrenoon, but that's in a remote channel

        Mostly very mushy soap operas.


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