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    Originally posted by Jannie View Post
    Most everything mentioned previously is in my list except for:

    Humor: Tremors
    I thought it was hysterical. A great send-up of horror movies.

    Horror: The Ghost and the Darkness
    Based on a true story and so scary that I scream at the scene of the lions trying to get into the hospital and the dream sequence of the lion attacking the engineer's child. It does not do for me to watch it by myself and I have seen it several times.
    I had never thought of The Ghost and the Darkness as a horror film, but I will admit it's not one for those who are afraid of the dark. I very underrated film.
    Lance W.

    Peace through superior firepower.


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      Originally posted by Lance Williams View Post
      Based upon some of your choices I wouldn't be too quick to proclaim yourself a "film expert".............even your classification of some films with a particular genre baffle me. Examples: "Joe Kidd" as a romance or "Rio Lobo" as the "hottest assembly of females in one film", have you even watched these movies? Jennifer O'Neill and Sherry Lansing are by no means unattractive, but come on...........

      For every great film listed you have at least as many so-so films, plus some real clunkers. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I wouldn't claim to be a "film expert" based on your list.

      Ill agree with Lance on this one. Drystyxx may be a film afficianado, but by this list he is no expert. Man there are some truly bad pictures in his listing. A Bond movie for action/adventure? Hell yes, I have one, but Octopussy? Genreally reviled as one of the worst of the lot. Connery was 007 but You Only Live Twice was close to his poorest effort. Never thought of Treasure of Sierra Madre as an action flick but it was an "expert" making the categorizations. Speaking of which, Rope a horror film? I don't think so. And what is the obsession with Biblical epics? Very strange and hardly expert.


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