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    Originally posted by Dibble201Bty View Post
    Let's hope it is an accurate portrayal of a brave and legendary US Fighter squadron & no Gung ho hyperbole.
    In the past, US 'True Story' war films have been garnished with diatribe, over heroics & artistic license. This is not needed.
    What is needed is a good film about WW2 airmen that will stand as a testament to the part played by the airmen & personnel of the USAF and 'at last' the black contingent.

    Lots of luck! Historical accuracy is not what could be called a high priority in good old Hollywood.
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      Originally posted by tsar View Post
      Could we at least wait until itís started to be made before talking about it as a disaster in the past tense?

      Haha! Hasn't noticed that.

      See, that's just how much regard I have for Lucas.

      In my defense, I was one of those who was hugely disappointed with The Phantom Menance after waiting for years for a new Star Wars film. Then he had to 'upgrade' the original trilogy. Then SW2 and SW3 came out. Then he tinkered with the original trilogy some more.

      By then, I was completely put off.


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        I always thought Lucas was a better writer and "Idea Man" than a director. His films seem sloppily paced with clunky dialogue and tortured romantic scenes. I seem to also remember an interview with Carrie Fisher once where she said his only direction to her was "Faster. More intensity."

        This is probably the film Spike Lee should have made. But I fear he would only ruin it also.


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