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    Seven Pounds - a Will Smith flick to which I was dragged unwillingly. The movie is quite simply tiresome tripe. You sense a twist at the end but way before that time you've lost all interest. Here I reveal all. Will Smith takes the part of a typical young black man - MIT graduate who now finds himself running an aeronautical company. Life is all champagne and roses until - in a moment of inattention he kills 7 in a road accident. So distraught and guilty is he that he decides to kill himself and donate his organs - but only to those individuals who are truly 'good' people. The movie is a quest for those good people. Most of those good people are black. Whites didn't do so well. Asians scored zero.

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    Thanks mate. saved me a few bucks.
    For Will.
    " Gentlemen , you can't fight in here! This is the War Room" :
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