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  • Comet Impact (2007)

    Ok I'm bored I've been wandering through xvids on the newsgroups, and it only takes about 20 minutes to download a movie in that format generally speaking for me.

    This one actually didn't outright insult me, although the Irish in the crowd might see some geographical gaffes.

    The science wasn't being gang raped in this film for once. Well I didn't see anything , but I don't watch movies with a magnifying glass, I leave that for the anal

    There weren't any 'please let me kill them' teenagers in the film. Not even any 'oh I hope he friggin dies' politicians. Actually, instead of 100 million dying, the world actually got together and saved all but 5 millions. I thought it a bit flaky, but I don't mind a bit of hopeful and positive occasionally.

    The first impact (minor) hits near Ireland and Ireland gets a massive Tsunami event.

    Then much drama ensures, might bore the special effects demanding types.

    Then the main event happens, and yep, big kaboom, much destruction, and they must have had at least a reasonable budget as it looked fairly good.

    I give this one a thumbs up for the disaster lovers.
    Those that bitch and whine about every last friggin film , take a pass, you won't like this one either
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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    Sounds like it might be worthwhile. Thanks for the heads up.
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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      In my life, there's only one book I ever picked up and literally read from cover to cover, even though it took several days, and that was ' Lucifer's Hammer' by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell. I guess apparently, if it's done right, this is one of the best topics for a movie. I was never a sci-fi reader, but that book did the trick.


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        Been a while since I read that book. But dug up a Wiki on it.

        The story details a cometary impact on Earth, the end of civilization, and the battle for the future. It encompasses the discovery of the comet, the LA social scene, and a cast of diverse characters whom fate seems to smile upon and allow to survive the massive cataclysm and the resulting tsunamis, plagues, famines and battles amongst scavengers and cannibals.

        When the wealthy amateur astronomer Tim Hamner discovers a new comet, dubbed Hamner-Brown, it comes to the attention of documentary producer Harvey Randall, who does a television series on the subject. Political lobbying by California Senator Arthur Jellison eventually gets a joint Apollo-Soyuz (docking with the second flight worthy Skylab) mission into space to study the comet, dubbed "The Hammer" by popular media, which is expected to pass close to the earth. Despite assurances by the scientific community that a collision with Earth is extremely unlikely, the public, fueled by religious fervor by the evangelist Henry Armitage, begins to hoard food and supplies in anticipation.

        Eventually, to the shock of scientists at JPL in Pasadena who could not track the trajectory accurately enough due to the comet's constant outgassing, the Hammer does fall, breaking up into several smaller comets that strike around the world with devastating results, striking parts of Europe, Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, and both the Pacific and Atlantic. The strikes cause volcanoes and earthquakes along all major fault-lines in California, including the San Andreas fault, heavily damaging the region. Several of the fragments land in the ocean and further damage is caused by the resulting tsunamis, which destroy several major coastal cities around the world, including Los Angeles. As the survivors contend with weeks of non-stop rain, flooding destroys practically every dam and levee, leaving a search for food a top survival priority. Civilization crumbles as people use the few remaining weapons to protect themselves from each other.

        After "Hammerfall," Hamner goes from being a meek, affluent astronomer to a determined survivor with his new wife Eileen. Randall shows true leadership abilities under fire, and Jellison becomes a type of lord in his ranch stronghold, presiding over a small population of survivors who wish to retain civilization. Jellison's stronghold is located slightly east or northeast of Springville, California, where the North Fork and the Middle Fork of the Tule River meet. West of this stronghold, the city of Porterville has been destroyed by the collapse of the dam at Lake Success. Indeed, the collapse of dams throughout California has turned the former San Joaquin Valley into a swampy lake. Other small enclaves of civilization exist in this area, until a band of cannibalistic zealots led by Reverend Armitage and an army of heavily armed soldiers begin a rampage through the area, culminating in a series of battles with the inhabitants of Jellison's stronghold.

        Actually one of the biggest burdens of disaster epics is the depiction of the sheer magnitude of the destruction. To show it or not show it becomes the question, and the type of destruction is also a factor.

        In Comet Impact, the depiction was likely not to complicated (I say that not really knowing). It was basically fireball heading in, kaboom, shock wave effect, mushroom cloud, circular wave of all destroying destruction in the form of a boiling mass of debris, and then some views of the remains after the event has ended.

        Considering our planet isn't an expensive mattress, you can pretty much assume a bang on that scale is going to nudge just about every fault line on the globe causing some to give. Not illogical to assume some volcanoes will trigger if they were ripe to do so in the first place. So I would expect a cometary impact won't be the end of the experience.

        I bet a single hit would be more humanly survivable than a spread out shotgun blast hitting multiple parts of the globe. 5-10 strikes and I think we can all likely head for the bushes assuming modern human civilization will be a while returning.
        Life is change. Built models for decades.
        Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
        I didn't for a long time either.


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