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Screamers 1995

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  • Screamers 1995

    Hmm file this under cool movies I totally missed when it came out.

    According to the IMdb this film did poorly. I haven't any idea why though. Seemed like a very good film for 1995 conditions.

    I personally rather liked it.
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    It was pretty well done...I saw it once on cable...Kind of like Pitch Black...I really didn't plan on watching it...I really didn't expect to like it...But once I started watching both of those movies, they were quite a bit better than I expected.
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      Unto each his own. Obviously Academy Award material...

      Personally, I prefer Road Runner cartoons.


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        As usual, a decent film based on a much better story. The original was "Second Variety" by Phillip K Dick The ending to the story is much better than the film.

        I saw the movie when it came out & thought it wasn't bad-not great, but certainly better than a lot of the drivel coming out around the same time.
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