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  • TestOsterone

    I got send a DVD of this by one of the Polish TOAW Group (thanks Bartek!), and I have to say it is one of the most brilliant satirical comedies I ever saw. 2007, NOT the 2004 US movie of same name. Not sure where you can find it, but I'm sure there are outlets for foreign movies in the UK (for sure with size of Polish population) and US.

    There's no real equivalent I can think of- bit of a comment on today's Polish society and its contradictions might be best way to sum up. But ROTF shaking with laughter and tears streaming down my face. Get it- a real gem-you won't be disappointed if you've any sense of humor. Polish with English subtitles.

    Reviews I could find:
    Tactics are based on Weapons... Strategy on Movement... and Movement on Supply.
    (J. F. C. Fuller 1878-1966)

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