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I'm surprised no ones mentioned this yet.

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  • I'm surprised no ones mentioned this yet.

    But has anyone else been watching Flashpoint?

    At first I thought it was just going to be another Rambo cop show (Hey I watched the film SWAT not so long ago). However Iw as pleasantly surprised. They do this pesky thing like focusing on a Policeman's emotions after he's shot a person. Another good thing is that when shots are fired its normally over very quickly. Those shows so far have been focusing on building the tension on the run up to the incident. So far (I've seen the first three episodes) the plots have been believable with human characters.

    It's been rather good, so I'll add that to my DVD collection when it comes out over here.
    Winnie says
    "He fell out of a Gestapo car, over a bridge, and onto a railway line. Then was run over by the Berlin Express.

    It was an Accident."
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    I watched a couple of episodes. It was surprisingly good. Made me want to fire up the old SWAT 4.


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