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X-Files: I want to believe (avoid at all costs)

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  • X-Files: I want to believe (avoid at all costs)

    As a long time fan of the show and the first movie, I went into this flick expecting a high quality production at least on par with the last one or a really good episode. I don't often say this about a movie, but I absolutely HATED it. I was mad when I left the theatre.

    It is deathly slow.
    The plot is a total mess and is more fitting to a movie like Hostel or Saw.
    The characters were totally unlikeable and even cameos by XFiles regulars were thrown away.

    If you had a notion of seeing this film, stay far far away. rates the film at 34% which is spot on.

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    That is definitely bad news, but it confirms what I have been hearing elsewhere. It also confirms the old adage that sequels are usually a bad idea.
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      The plot felt more like a eposide of Law and Order SVU than X-Files. It was pretty bad and slow to me.
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