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    Is anyone else watching the TV series "The Unit"? It is supposed to be based on the Delta Force. Just curious what others think of this show.

    Some of it I like but other parts I think are not as good.

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    A lot of nonsense, I think, but still one of the nicer shows on TV nowadays. There won't be a gritty realistic BoB or BHD type series on Delta for a while yet, I think.


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      It and 24 do nothing but keep us concentrate on all the bad guys out to do us harm. Then we have Jerrico which does much of the same. Doen't anybody like plain old Westerns any more? When was and what was the last western TV Series?
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        How about Deadwood?


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          A friend of mine likes deadwood a lot. She says that the language is a little too much but she likes the show otherwise.

          I never thought of the Unit as being realistic like BoB. Some of the stuff is just way too over the top.

          The homefront scenes appear to be some variation of the same themes over and over again. Unit security concerns about the wives and whining about money.

          The deployment scenes are all over the road. Some are good and interesting and some seem either way over the top or silly.

          It has been entertaining enough so far to keep me watching despite obvious flaws.


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            It's certainly very entertaining! That's for sure.


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              I followed the Unit initially despite it being quite over the top in terms of realism, but then it got into the same tired old government conspiracy routine which turned me off.

              Deadwood was absolutely superb. I think it was actually good thing they ended the series before it jumped the shark. I don't watch TV that much and it is always a difficult choice whether to invest time in a TV series these days since there seems to be only two ways the shows go:
              - they don't get enough viewers and the show is cut short with all the storylines unresolved
              - they get too much viewers and the storylines are just dragged on and on ad nauseam

              The premise for the Unit was very good though. Tone down the homefront part and make their missions a tad more realistic and it would be a real winner.

              However what I would really like is a modern day Sandbaggers with a slightly more military angle. Spooks gets some of it right, but they too suffer from too much politicizing.
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                The problem is with the scripts. The acting is very good throughout. I thought all the actors were very good, and that includes those playing the army wives. Way better than a lot of series out there, and I would include high profile series like Lost and Prison Break.

                I might even add that I prefer the Unit to 24! (Heresy!)


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                  OK, I am watching more of Season 2 tonight and I have decided that the Unit Jumped the Shark with the "I am Midge" episode


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                    The CIA conspiracy thing really hits the bottom, but Season 3 rebounds somewhat.


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                      Originally posted by Ogukuo72 View Post
                      The CIA conspiracy thing really hits the bottom, but Season 3 rebounds somewhat.
                      Yes. The conspiracy thing seems like typical Hollywood garbage.


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