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Your favourite Indiana Jones film.

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  • Your favourite Indiana Jones film.

    I rather enjoy all of them actually, although I do wish the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wasn't as contrived because I felt it had a good plot to build upon.
    But if there was one that always keeps me wanting to watch again, it's the first film. Such a timeless classic now.
    I can't really get the same enjoyment in the Temple of Doom, it never really clicked in my books...
    The Last Crusade was a good film, somehow throwing in the evil Nazis in the equation seems to strike the right chord in this movie series.
    The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was ok, but I felt the film didn't flow too well and the plot ending a bit shallow... rushed perhaps. So I'm not surprised criticism was mixed when it was released.
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
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    Voted Temple of Doom, on account of the personal memories attached to it, it was quite a scary movie at age 9

    Raiders of the Lost Ark was probably the better film though I agree, and Last Crusade had Sean Connery of course...
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      Raiders and Crusade. Crusade a bit more than raiders

      Doom is still pretty good.

      Indy4 seemed to be a misfire and I quit watching it as I didn't want to ruin my memories of Indy 1-3.

      Now they are making Indy5, the geriatric ward
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        I liked Karen Allen in this one.

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          Raiders. It was a full house and I was at the back of the line going in, Only seat left was very front row first seat on the right at a particularly large theater with one of largest screens anywhere at the time. Seat planning as well as projection and screen technology was not what it is now. The rolling boulder was a hundred times more scary from that particular angle and view, and just can never be duplicated again.
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            Raiders, because it was new and fresh.

            Temple was a disaster, but the final one was great thanks to the interaction of Connery and Ford.

            Interestingly, One and Three get re-shown a lot, two almost never.

            Oh, before I forget, the 4th one wasn't really up to speed either. I like LeBouef, but the chemistry was somehow missing.
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