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  • Female spies/resistance fighters

    I am looking for a movie about female spies or resistance fighters set in WWII. Even better if it is in France. French or Belgian made would be a bonus. I've seen some books but the person I'm giving this to is not a big reader.

    Any ideas?

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    Charlotte Gray (2001)
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      Alan Furst's latest espionage novel, Under Occupation, has two female characters as spies in 1942 France. He generally has women in his spy novels.
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          Indian Muslim Noor Inyayt Khan was a British spy who was caught and executed by the third Reich for spying activities.

          Edit - did not realize this was a thread about movies as well. There is actually a pbs docudrama movie about Khan it’s out there somewhere one just has to find it
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            Deep Throat: the true story of a young women, who did a fantastic Hal Holbrook impersonation, uses her vast repertoire of feminine charms to infiltrate the Nixon campaign and expose their coverup of the Watergate Burglary to two Washington Post beat writers. Very inspiring.
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                “Black Book” is a Dutch movie about the Resistance during WWII. It was directed with his usual flair for sex and violence by Paul Verhoeven. It is considered by some to be the greatest war movie to come out of Holland. It was released in 2006 and is well-respected among critics and audiences. It does have its haters, however.

                The film is the fictional story of Rachel Stein (played by the strikingly beautiful Carice van Houten). It is set in Sept., 1944 with the Allies in the process of liberating Holland. After her Jewish family is slaughtered in an ambush by a German patrol boat and she is the sole survivor, she hooks up with a Resistance cell led by Gerben Kuippers. Rachel changes her name and her hair color (all of it, as the movie titillatingly shows) so she can go, literally, undercover in Gestapo headquarters. She seduces an S.S. officer named Muntze and then they proceed to fall in love even though he deduces that she is Jewish (but does not realize she is a spy, at first). The movie manages to fit in some singing by van Houten which fits her characters previous career as a singer. During one of the parties she recognizes the number two man as the evil Nazi (Franken) who led the massacring of her family.

                This is also the kind of movie that when you look back at it, you see numerous big holes in the plot. You realize what amazing coincidences had to happen to advance the story. Also, to fool you as to who the real traitor is, he or she does things that are not consistent with the character. With all that said, I recommend you read this movie. Enjoy it for its entertainment, not its historical accuracy. If nothing else, it will keep you thinking about its flaws for days after. Few movies have that kind of impact for good or ill. Oh, and did I mention that van Houten is hot and often unclothed?

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