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  • Oscar Best Pictures Ranked

    Of course, this is likely a bit subjective, but it does provide a start point ...

    Every Oscar Best Picture Winner, Ranked
    Every year starting in late August and ending sometime around late February, Hollywood is consumed with winning an eight-and-a-half-pound gold trophy. Even in a world overrun with awards shows, the Oscars remain the grandest prize, and a Best Picture victory cements filmmakers and actorsí place in history. It also means that, for the rest of time, a lot of people will complain that your movie wasnít that great and should have lost to some other movie they felt was eminently more deserving.

    Itís very easy to second-guess the Academy on its Best Picture picks, but while putting together our ranking of every winner, we decided that, all in all, there arenít that many terrible choices. Sure, mediocrity rules the roost, but for the most part this list is littered with good movies ó sometimes very good, occasionally incredible, but largely good-enough movies. That becomes a Best Picture winnerís cross to bear ó the fact that a particular film wonít stand up over time, and may actually look pretty terrible in retrospect ó but, honestly, weíre pretty sure most Oscar recipients donít much mind what the rest of us think. After all, they have an Academy Award, and we donít.

    So here it is: our ranking of all 90 Best Picture winners. Youíll probably disagree with us. Thatís what the Academy Awards are all about.
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