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    Last Kingdom: Season 3 is finally here. I took a couple or days to binge through the season, and I have to say it's still quite good. It's not historically accurate. But I enjoyed the fighting in which they actually took time to employ tactics instead of mindless one-on-one sword combat as is common in movies. The fighting is done on small scale, which is probably due to budget and production issues. The dialogue between characters is quite good. In all, I have to say, Netflix taking on Last Kingdom is turning out to be a good idea.
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    I'm a super fan of Bernard Cornwell and I have read almost all his novels in the Saxon series. The TV show didn't impress me too much however. It's watchable, but it has a lot of weaknesses IMO. It looks like it was made on a string budget, and Dreymon, even if he's a talented actor, doesn't fit the image of Uthred I got from the novels. I don't know if I will watch the 3rd season.


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