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  • American Horror Story- Apocalypse

    This current season of AHS might just be the best tv series of the year.

    This year is a sort of witches VS wizards type season. In this sense the wizards are the men and they are seeking to dominate the witches. For centuries the witches had a monopoly over magic and the sorts but the apparent Son of Satan appears in this season of AHS, on the side of the wizards... The Son being viewed by the Wizards as the hero, but eventually some of the wizards have their doubts. Basically the Son of Satan is sent in to take over the Wizards and perhaps even eliminate wizards whom are opponents of Satans desire which in this show is said to be the destruction of the world. I dont want to give to much away though, just watch AHS folks.

    The latest season is of great interest due to its horror/scare ability but also this year AHS goes back into World history. As part of the battle against the wizards The latest episode showcased the Russian Revolution in a very interesting way. One of the Romanov daughters is said to be a witch with the ability to create a force field to protect her family from being executed by the Bolsheviks. The actress(BIllie Lourd) whom plays the witch sent back into time to help one of the Romanov daughters cast a spell is actually the daughter of the famous actress Carrie Fisher whom played a leading role in the Star Wars film series, As we know in 1918, the Communists executed the Romanov Family led by Nicholas II. AHS seemingly shows Nicholas II and his followers as the good guys, and that is interesting I felt. In any event the witches decide that it is crucial to go back into history and try and prevent the execution of the Romanov family by the Communists, if such an event can occur it is said to help the witches defeat the Son of Satan..but can the Witches be successful in their mission to defeat Satan? We will have to see how the season unfolds.
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