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The Unknown Soldier (2017)

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    The Unknown Soldier (2017)

    Since apparently the 'Military History on Film' is more for documentaries and such lets post this here too... (Link to old thread) The new rendition (3rd film of the same name) of Väinö Linna's legendary (in Finland) novel 'the War Novel' - published in slightly edited version as 'the Unknown Soldier' - came out to theaters in Finland in 2017. As stated in the previous thread the book and hence the movie are based on the real events of the Finnish 8th Infantry Regiment (JR8) - some of the characters are composites and caricatures but based one or another to one or several real persons. DVD release of it happened during the summer and you can now find some clips of the film (some of them even with English subtitling!) from Youtube and similar services.

    Lets see if we can link some of them here with explanations - watch them while they last, copyright holders are likely to erase them sooner or later. Normal links only though - page would be too long with YT linkages (sort of map of the path of the JR8):

    Finnish infantry charging. Depicting the first battles the JR8 fought to breach the Soviet fortifications near the new post-Winter War border during the summer of 1941. English subs.

    River crossing. JR8 crosses the a river and assaults Soviet positions on the opposite shore. English subs.

    Soviet T-34 charge. IIRC in real life version the regiment had been progressing through bad terrain in 1941 for quite a while and run into determined Soviet counterattack - supported by KV-1 tanks. Combat engineers (sappers) blew at least one of them up. Movie uses T-34. English subs.

    Reaching Petrozavodsk. Autumn 1941. JR8 reaching the Petrozavodsk. After Soviets had already fled and first troops had already 'liberated' the liqueur storage. English subs, more of backstory than fighting here.

    Antero Rokka slaughters a Soviet platoon. Real event took place in early spring 1942 south of river Svir during the Soviet offensive that ended up being a total disaster (losing around 10 000 men).

    Mannerheim's birthday. Of 1942. During the early trench warfare phase. Heroes getting drunk and the 2nd lieutenant leading them fighting against (nearly equally drunk) other officers. English subs.

    Soviet prisoner. During the trench war of 1942-44. Soviet prisoner capture mission goes sour and the Finnish corporal gets out of the problem he ended up (among other things refusing to go pick up round rocks for the company commander so that he could decorate the path to his dugout with them). Describes the mood quite well. Translation is in the comments section.

    Sad scene. Winter 1943 - Spring 1944. Fortunes of war clearly turn against the Finns and the moods of the men turn down.

    Counterattack to retake battalion HQ. Taking place during the Finnish withdrawal in 1944. English subs.

    Finnish infantry vs. Russian T-34. Constantly withdrawing Finns try to delay the advancing Soviets but lack any kind of the anti-tank weapons (due to those being lost previously during the withdrawal) makes that somewhat complicated. Mines and satchel charges only. Air attacks + tank overrun. Summer of 1944. English subs.

    River overrun. Summer of 1944. JR8 finally reaches the U-line where the Finnish withdrawal from the Olonets Karelia ended in 1944. Troops prepare to delay the Soviets yet again.

    Last battle. Summer of 1944. What little remains of the soldiers who started the war - with some new comers - are tasked to retake the lost positions. New heroes are gained and lost in an instant in the war. Describes the fighting at the U-line where Finns stopped the Soviets.

    Just to note - i haven't uploaded any of those but if you have questions feel free to post them.

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