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  • Ozark

    Is anyone watching Ozark on Netflix? Do you like it?

    I think it's just a more gritty version of Breaking Bad. It's a decent show, so I'll keep watching it. Season 2 was just released yesterday.

    I wonder if money laundering is actually this violent in real life?
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    I loved Breaking Bad. At least once a year I binge watch it.

    I don't get Netflix, so I'll have to wait until it comes out on Amazon.
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      Haven't seen it either but given that drug cartels are heavily into money laundering it would not be surprising if it was violent
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        I watched the first season and just started the second. It obviously wants to be the new "Breaking Bad" and although it doesn't reach that level yet, if you liked BB, you'll like this. It has more bad-ass females than BB. The violence is more unpredictable. You don't see some major deaths coming. Jason Bateman is superb and the rest of the cast is good. I will stick around to see a vast majority of the characters get what they deserve, but this may take time and for some not until the last episode.


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