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    "The Counterfeiters" is a war movie made in Germany and released in 2007. It was directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky. It is based on a memoir by Holocaust survivor Adolf Burger entitled The Devil's Workshop. It is a true story revolving around the S.S. forging operation called Operation Bernhard. The main character is Salomon "Sally" Sorowitsch (Karl Markovics) who is a successful forger in Berlin before the war. He gets arrested and is sentenced to a concentration camp where his artistic ability gets him a job as a painter. After five years, the cop who originally arrested him gets him transferred to Sachsenhausen to participate in a secret counterfeiting operation called Operation Bernhard. Friedrich Herzog (Devid Striesow) is now an S.S. officer who is in charge of the counterfeiting the British pound note to help finance the Nazi war effort and cause economic problems in England. The skilled Jews are given special treatment by Herzog as an incentive to get the job done. They are also separated from the rest of the camp.
    "The Counterfeiters" is an admirably accurate film. Burger served as technical adviser on the film and was very hands-on.. Operation Bernhard is considered the largest counterfeiting operation in history. It was headed by Bernhard Kruger (Herzog in the film). The acting is outstanding, especially by Diehl and Markovics.

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      The long toll of the brave
      Is not lost in darkness
      Over the fruitful earth
      And athwart the seas
      Hath passed the light of noble deeds
      Unquenchable forever.


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        “The Great Raid” is “inspired by the true events” of the Raid on Cabanatuan in the Philippines in WWII. The raid by U.S. Rangers was the most successful raid on a prisoner of war camp in American History. The movie was based on two acclaimed books on the subject: The Great Raid on Cabanatuan by William Breuer and Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides. It was directed by John Dahl.

        The movie is very underrated. The acting is serviceable. Some will complain about the lack of emotion, but we are talking about emaciated prisoners, disciplined soldiers, and secretive Resistance members. What would you expect? The production is nothing special. The score is understated and has some good suspense when needed. The cinematography uses muted colors to good effect. The effects are not mimicking the “Saving Private Ryan / Band of Brothers” style. TGR is more comfortably placed in the Old School category. The film builds to the assault which is well worth the wait. When the first shot is fired, the screen is ablaze with violence unabated for a long stretch. This scene clearly depicts the American military’s propensity to deal with combat situations via extreme firepower. It also clearly depicts Hollywood’s love of explosions.


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          ARMY OF CRIME

          “The Army of Crime” is a war movie that fits firmly into the French Resistance sub-genre. It is a French movie directed by Robert Guediguian. He intended it to be an homage to the FTP-MOI branch of the French Resistance. This group consisted mainly of Communist immigrants who conducted missions to kill Nazis in Paris in 1943.

          The movie follows several characters who eventually link up to work together. The leading character is an intellectual Armenian poet named Missak Manouchian (Simon Abkarian) who has a dedicated wife Melinee (Virginie Ledoyen). We first meet him as he is released from Gestapo captivity after he signs a document recanting his communism. Thomas (Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet) is a Jewish student who joins the movement and brings a bomb to a party (in a hollowed out copy of Das Kapital, naturally) full of Nazi officers. Marcel (Robinson Stevenin) is a Jew whose father has been deported. He takes vengeance by offering German soldiers cigarettes and then shooting them. He is a loose cannon, but does not dispute this. They hook up when Manouchian forms a group to carry out terrorist activities.

          I liked this movie much more than the similarly themed “Army of Shadows”. It does not drag and the action sequences are well-paced. The cinematography is crisp in color. The acting is very good, especially Abkarian and Stevinin. The production design and costumes take us back to wartime Paris.


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