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    HBO Films: John Adams
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    looks good from the previews, but unfortunately I don't have HBO
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      Ditto here, gonna have to wait for this to be released on DVD. A couple people I know watched last night and told me it is very well done so I hope it gets released soon.

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        Just finished watching this on DVD. It's great! Paul Giamatti as Adams deserves any awards coming his way.
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          Yes it is great and you should go to Blockbuster and rent the DVDs. Really superbly done.
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            I have a guy in my reenacting unit who is in that film. I don't no where though.
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              Great mini series! I recommend it to anyone interested in that era. Now if only they'll give Washington an up to date treatment
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                A friend of mine has seen it on DVD and she said it is really good. I have the audio book of it which is what the series is based on. The audio book got really good reviews too. I think I will listen to the book first, and then rent the DVD.


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