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Harry Potter #7 to be split into 2 movies?

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  • Harry Potter #7 to be split into 2 movies?

    There is a rumour that the last book in the HP series is going to have 2 movies to cover the book in depth. Apparently there is a lot of material in the last book, which would necessitate two movies. I just finished book 6 last night, so as soon as I can get a copy of #7 I'll be able to comment on this a bit more. I think it would be cool myself, as long as they don't make 2 movies that are an hour and 15 minutes long each!

    I've really enjoyed reading the books, even after seeing the first 5 movies.
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    My wife has complained that each movie after the first contained less and less actual content from the books. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear the news.

    (I've tried to explain that making a movie from a book requires most of the detail-ish content to be cut, or you run the risk of a 17-hour movie.)

    I wonder what the release schedule will be like?
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      They suggested this about no 4 but didn't do it in the end. Given the material they left out, perhaps that would have been a good idea. 5 had LOADS more stuff in it than no 4 and they are roughly the same - so perhaps crafty editing is the key.

      Brian - I have a spare copy of HP7 sitting here (blame Amazon for failing to get it to me on release day when they promised). Do you want it?

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        I haven't seen movie 5, but I have read book 7. Lots of good stuff in 7. You know; I'd never have read the HP books if a lawyer friend hadn't given me the first book.
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          I am a Harry Potter fan, but I have to wonder why they would do this. Book seven dragged......and dragged......and dragged....only to end quite anti-climatically.

          And some of the best characters were killed off. Overall I found it dissapointing.

          But, if they did split it into two movies, I would go and see them.


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