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A new movie dealing with the finn-russo war 1942-1944

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  • A new movie dealing with the finn-russo war 1942-1944

    Hi all!

    I know I may be posting this in the wrong forum, but I thought some of you might be interested

    There is a new film dealing with the finn-russo war. It was released on the 2nd of april this year. It is called "Framom främsta linjen" or roughly translated "In front of the frontline" (difficult to translate)The movie deals with the swedish-finnish infantry regiment 61 and the battles around Svir during 1942-1944. The movie is based on real people and events and it was made with help from the finnish war veterans. I suppose one could say it's pretty close to a documetary, but it still has actors and dialog.

    Now for the "funny" part. The reviews in the papers were not too good. They thought the film was unreal...however, the war veterans and elederly people that did see it wept and said "THAT's what REALLY happened".
    It makes you think, the movie is judged by people who actually don't know crap about history and what war is like...

    Anyways, here is the link:

    You can download the trailer (25,8MB if cable or 5,8MB if modem).

    Unfortunatley the page is in swedish, but I suppose one could try running the page through Altavistas translation service.

    All the best!


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    17 poundr,

    have you heard anything about this movie?
    Lance W.

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      Thanks for the heads-up, I'm d/l'ing the trailer now.
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        Yessir! Thanks for asking Lance, here is what I know.

        It was directed by the old Finnish actor/director veteran, Oke Lindman, and tells the story of a swedish speaking regiment.
        There is a Swedish speaking minority in Finland, and Swedish is the second official language of Finland.

        The Film, had several vets come on the filming site, to see that it went like the real thing.
        They gave it the thumbs up.
        I havent seen it, but believe it's a good film.

        It doesnt focus so much on special effects and bullet sounds, but the general comradeship of the men, and ofcourse has it's share of deadly patrols...

        It's directed by an old man, and is not a full blast action film, but nevertheless a good film and a true story, well worth it from what I hear.
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