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Buffalo Soldiers

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  • Buffalo Soldiers

    Saw this yeaterday.
    ....Interesting film, to say the least.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on it? I thought it would have been better had it been set in the 70's rather then 1989.
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    Is this the film with Danny Glover? If so, I was really disappointed by the somehat shallow and romanticized PC approach to history. I expected more from a Glover film after his excellent work in other Black historical works.
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      I saw it and was disappointed as well. It wasn't that the story was that bad, it is just that it could have been much more. If you want to see a decent Buffalo soldier film, see the 1960 film Sergeant Rutledge it is the story of a Buffalo sergeant accused of rape and murder. The ending is very corny. Here are two reviews of the film, one pro one con. I thought it a good film.
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