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    I have heard that it's better in 3D, at the IMAX.
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      Originally posted by Duncan View Post
      I have heard that it's better in 3D, at the IMAX.
      Here in Williamsburg, VA - since it's a tourist town - most folks don't go on vacation to see movies - and they give College/Military discounts... but there is the 10% tourist tax!

      Three of my Lts went to see it - the two guys kept talking about the naked fight scene with the sword... All the female could talk about was how much "literary interpertation" they took with the movie - After I stared at her for a second - she put it into artillery terms for me - "The movie wasn't accurate - but animated AJ was hot".......... Roger!
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        Sorry - but you can see racy pictures of Jolie in the National Inquirer at a fraction of the cost, if that's what trips your trigger.

        Takes a lot more than that to set me going, but then, I've been around longer. I stopped drooling like a teenager a long time ago.
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          Originally posted by Duncan View Post
          It's not that good. And once again it's only vaguely related to the poem.
          Well if anybody would know about poetry it would be you, Nancy. You need to get out your ASL stuff and do something manly for a change.

          Just went to see No Country For Old Men this afternoon. $6.50 for a ticket here in Baton Rouge. Couple more bucks if I'd waited to see it tonite instead.

          I rarely go to the movies now. Gotta be something I know I'll enjoy (Clint Eastwood Westerns, WW2 movies, Halloween, Die Hard, Terminator, Bond). No Country just happened to catch my interest after seeing the trailer a few times on tv. Friend mentioned he just finished the book the other day and it was good. Might pick up a copy of the book tomorrow when I go check the new DVD stash.
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            saw it today (in romania, while traveling). ok, mixed feelings.

            I really dont' like CAG... I mean with such great actors... ok, you can do monsters, dragons, etc. but... pfff. boring... I'll take Jason and the Argaunauts or SInbad animations anytime over this. (I am getting old)

            as for the story, no clue how it relates to that dansk poem. does it?
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