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  • HBO TV series rentals

    I had watched the Sopranos a couple of years ago and really liked it until the third season. after that it went down hill. I never even saw any of the final season nor the last episode. I hear I didn't miss much.

    A friend of mine got me to rent Rome. She said that she thought I would like it and I did very much. The upside was this got me to read about the real history of Rome. The downside was that the history in the series wasn't accurate always. No matter. It was good TV. Something not all that common today.

    Next she talked me into renting "The Wire". This one I resisted because I have never really been into Police TV shows. She finally offered to pay for the rental so I watched the first disk. I got hooked. This was a big surprise to me. I have just started on the third season of "The Wire" and I think this is going to go the way of the Sopranos. The first season was great. The second season was not as good as the first, but still really good. The third season is shaping up to be the worst so far. Good, but starting to slip.

    The shocking thing about the "Wire" to me was that the girl who got me to watch it used to date an FBI agent in Baltimore who said that this show was very accurate. Wow. Now that is scary if that is true.

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    Yep, HBO series are....

    hit and miss, but always interesting to check out, Sopranos great for a few seasons, then slips a bit. The Wire, very diverse, some shows in the season were good, and others not so good, but the overall series was very interesting. Rome, loved the first season and some of the second one, then it lost me, as in they could have gone so many other ways than what they did!!

    Cheers, Band of Brothers anyone?


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      Originally posted by TRDG View Post
      Cheers, Band of Brothers anyone?
      Oh sure. If that is the standard few will measure up

      I agree with your assessments about each series.

      Finished the 3rd season of the wire. It got preachy and speculative. I wasn't impressed. A great series that couldn't hold on. Or as they say, the third season "Jumped the Shark".


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        Watching a TV show faithfully as it was aired on TV is so 20th century.

        If the show is good I will watch it.

        But I will watch it the 21st century way. I'll either watch it as a download, or as a dvd set. Bottom line though, is I will watch it when I want to.

        I don't need a special function to eliminate commercials. Commercials? What commercials? I also don't need a PVR with a timer function and a record feature.
        Most shows if they are any good in the first place, are online within hours of the first known broadcast anywhere on the planet.

        Currently I am watching Stargate Atlantis, and Dexter.
        Takes me about 15 minutes to download a show. Shows appear within hours of airing. And I don't need to subscribe to over priced channel packages. I pick to watch what I want.
        Life is change. Built models for decades.
        Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
        I didn't for a long time either.


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          To each his/her own.

          I'm always working when the shows are on, so I tape it, if interesting, I tape the series, then I buy the DVD per season when it comes out, plain and simple, thats the way I like it, money is not a key factor, as such, the "quality" of the show is.

          Cheers, Dexter, I'm curious to see where it goes in the third season, that tends to make or break these shows, sometimes anyways.......


          The "Pacific" Band of Brothers seems to be interesting, just checking out that thread now and then!!


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