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Old guys and their movies :)

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  • Old guys and their movies :)

    Had a local buddy over today, we were supposed to be watching something else, but somehow we ended up talking about war movies.

    So I am talking about first The Dirty Dozen, as I had found they had done 3 follow on films as made for tv offerings. Anyway, was blathering on ablout Lee Marvin. Buddy wouldn't recognized him if he ran over him it seems.

    Bit surprised at all that.

    Conversation somehow wandered into discussing Kelly's Heroes. He hasn't see that either. Didn't know who Telly Savalas is either. I'm thinking "who the hell do you know then?".

    Well I start describing Kelly's Heroes and he just has to see it. So I got it out and we watched it.

    Before that though, I find out he hasn't seen almost my entire catalogue of war movie classics. God I think, my buddy is sure impoverished

    I wonder how common his condition is? Because it was his age, he wasn't even born when most of our usual top 10 offerings were filmed.

    Have you young guys on the forum seen our classic films?
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    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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    I guess i have to start off by asking you how old is your friend?

    How old are you?

    Im 38 and i grew up watching all the old classics like the ones you mentioned above. Unlike most of the guys my age, whose fathers fought in Viet Nam, my Dad fought in the Marines WWII. So i was indoctrinated with all those movies as a kid by my older siblings.

    Even people i know who arent into war movies at least have a working knowledge of who the stars are. But then again, i dont know very many teenagers, other than family members, and those are all into history so they are into the war flicks. Alot of the young men are in the military.

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      For my age "bracket"

      43, a lot of my friends know the WW II classics, along with the "newer" ones.

      But what is lacking is the basics of WW II, I am not kidding, even some WW II gamers that I hang with, it really makes you think sometimes, at least for me.
      Now the younger crowd, some have seen them and some have not, but most have at least heard of them, for whatever that means.........

      Cheers, my thoughts on my friends, as I know them.



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        I'm 37 n' have seen most of the old classics, I even try to collect 'em on DVD. I grew up watching those war/adventure movies and reading the same kind of books so it's understandable that I can for example recomend "Hell is for Heroes" if someone want's an recomendation of an old classic warmovie.

        But among the teens nowadays I think that they mostly have seen movies like Saving Private Ryan, Pearl harbour n' Enemy at the gates. Sadly enough as I personally don't regard those modern examples as toprated warmovies.
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          I used to be all those ages y'all mentioned -- I've seen those movies and some quite a bit older (for example Alexander Nevski -- a great one! and Taras Bulba -- an even better one, not to mention all those Errol Flynn classics like Charge of the Light Brigade).

          Keep showing your youthful friend those old movies!
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            Approaching 46 (too rapidly).

            My friend is 28 I think. He falls just inside the demographic to have missed anything pre 1980. And let's remember, if he was born in year X, then he won't be much interested for at least another 10-15 years in any era.

            Myself, most "classics" are in black in white in many cases, and often had stars that if still alive were long out of the film business in many cases in as much as acting is concerned. Not many actors stay acting past their 70s.

            And also keep in mind. Many of us will have many friends that have not one lick of actual connection with our predominantly military themed hobbies. Of all my current crop of friends, none of them are wargamers truly, and none are past serving members or currently in uniform. They are not history nuts like me.

            But a good movie is a good movie after all, and my friend proves if the film is good, the fact it is a war movie won't keep them from watching it.
            I'm looking forward to dusting off a lot of my war movie collection and checking them out with him. It'll be a nice change to be able to share em with a local buddy again. Have not had that pleasure since 2000.
            Life is change. Built models for decades.
            Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
            I didn't for a long time either.


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              That sounds great, Paul. Nearly all of my friends have some military connections -- either have served, married a service member, or just got used to us from being in Northern VA, so most of my friends will know a lot of war movies (or at least violent ones).
              Barcsi János ispán vezérőrnagy
              Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2003 & 2006

              "Never pet a burning dog."



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                War Movies......

                I work with a guy who does NOT know the character Bruce Willis plays in the Die Hard Series....

                But he can tell you ALL about who the actors are of the "Young & the Restless".

                Sort of a "wanker" if you ask me.
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                  Most of my male friends can at least recognize the "classics" like The Longest Day, The Battle of the Bulge, the 1960 Alamo, Dirty Dozen, etc. None of us were born before 1985 and almost all have some military connection whether it be an interest in military history, actually serving, etc


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                    Good thing he's got a good friend like you to show him what he missed.

                    As for myself, i moved too much, live in a small town, and work too much to
                    have any friends, thats right, my only buddy is a retired tank commander in
                    his late 60s. I relate more with these guys then some idots i've run into at my
                    same age.

                    However i feel i've found some great guys here, PM,Cy,Admiral,Sal,Trev,
                    Doc S., AD. If i could hire a plane i'd fly these boys out to the Museum and
                    have a party!!
                    Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans! Lennon -


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                      I actually remember seeing "Hell is For Heroes" and "The Guns of Navarone" (In Color ) at the Saturday Movies.

                      Cyberia said his favorite "first run" movie was "Birth of a Nation".
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                        Originally posted by holly6 View Post
                        Cyberia said his favorite "first run" movie was "Birth of a Nation".
                        Was that "Nation" or "Notion"? LOL

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                          Showed him Dirty Dozen and The Devil's Brigade yesterday.

                          He seems to have a fondness for "military humour".

                          Most of you guys likely know what I mean by military style sarcasm in film

                          His request for Canadian based war movies is I think a taunt though. He's challenging me to find probably the most rare of films

                          Fortunately I have quite the stash.

                          Watched a number of titles at theatre in my youth, but most of my experiences come from seeing it at home. My teen viewing years began about 1977 and that means I missed a lot of cliche classics.
                          The rental scene has rendered theatre viewing unnecessary in a lot of cases, and in some cases was just as well. Plenty of total schlock out there these days. Sure glad I didn't pay a ticket price to see Windtalkers.
                          But Saving Private Ryan was worth twice the price (saw it twice though instead).
                          Life is change. Built models for decades.
                          Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
                          I didn't for a long time either.


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                            Watch it with the "old guys" stuff, Paul! All of us will get to that status eventually...if we are lucky and live that long.

                            Hollywood, having discovered the almost infinitesimal memory span of the MTV'ers, is mining the great films for remakes, so before long even the youngest amongst us will have seen some version of the previous classics. 3:10 To Yuma is a classic example - pun intentional.

                            If you live long enopugh, you will get to see all the great films remade...over and over and over again. Oh, look! It's Mary Poppins starring Britney Spears and The Back Street Boys...
                            Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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                              I agree

                              I am soon going to be 35 years young, I am always blabbing to my crew both male and female about the great and not so great Military/War films.
                              Most of them know SPR but fail in knowing The Longest Day or a Bridge Too Far.
                              I think when younger people see a black and white film they automatically think it is crap. Most of the people I work with get there history from a movie like Pearl Harbor or SPR and it frustrates me to no end. I tell them to watch Tora, Tora, Tora.

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