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  • Confirmed!

    It follows the book. I'm incredibly happy about that, as the script is confirmed!

    Enjoy the new trailer....

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    This is The Omega Man right?
    I didn't realise there was book. What's it like?


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      Omega Man? That's the movie version of a screen a adaptation of a movie version of a screen version/adaptation. You can't get anywhere further away from the book than that. It's crap IMHO, even though I love that flick.

      This one follows the book so closely, the end is likely to **** a few people off.


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        I Am Immune

        I Am The Last Human

        I Am The Last Hope

        I Am The Aberration....?


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          I am seriously conflicted about this movie.

          The original is my all time favourite pic, but I have to admit, this one looks good.

          But if it doesnt start with a man driving a cherry red mustang, with the theme from a summer place playing in the backround, I wont be a happy bunny
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            As i understand it, the book came out about 50 yrs ago.
            The first moive was called the last man on earth with vincent Price.
            The 2nd movie was "The Omega man with Charleston Heston
            The 3rd movie is now called I am Legend with Will Smith

            I've seen Omega man, a very campy 70s flick, just so so, with unhappy ending.
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              Originally posted by Marines View Post
              I Am Immune

              I Am The Last Human

              I Am The Last Hope

              I Am The Aberration....?
              I am tired of all these rants!
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                it kinda looks like A Boy and His Dog
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