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  • Zombilicious


    The Plot...

    Zombie's appear in ever increasing numbers, determined to eat everyone. Shaun and his friends decide their local pub will be the safest place, and the film follows their trek to and subsequent defence of it.

    Favourite scenes...

    Shaun gets up and still half asleep, goes to the local shop for the milk and papers. Both there and back he completely misses the crashed cars, bodies and occasional wandering zombies due to his innocent dazed state.

    About half way to the pub Shauns group are sneaking through some back gardens and suddenly meet another group of 'survivors'. Strangely they all seem to 'mirror' his group in some way in both type and character... stars in a different film featuring the same zombies?

    After a terrible fight in the pub, Shaun and his surviving friends are rescued by the army who are wiping out the zombies. Cut scene to Shaun and girlfriend happily living together. The zombies are now old news on a TV documentary. Shauns girlfriend demands they go shopping, and he agrees after a quick visit to the garden shed... his games room. Inside we find not only his playstation but also his best mate, now a zombie chained to the walls. Shaun boots up the PS2 and starts the game... his mate joins him and then tries to bite him and is then scolded by Shaun for missing the startup screen!

    Get the DVD friends... its a blast!


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    I found SOTD a very fun and entertaining film (and I'm not a zombie fan in the least!). I noticed that my university film series includes thge film "Hot Fuzz" which received good reviews. Last weekend I found SOTD on the tele and decided to watch to determine if HF is worth checking out since I believe both films were made by the same crew(? at least the two lead actors are in both films). I can't wait to check out HF!
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      You are missing out on some great comedy movies. And yes the two main actors and the director are the writing team of both movies.
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