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    What great naval battle/incident would you like to see made into a movie (or re-made for that matter)? For starters, I would like to see a movie about the Battle off Samar. Not only was it one of the most climactic naval engagements in history, but it has so many Hollywood moments (e.g. when Earl Archer shoots out his cockpit at a Japanese ship with his revolver while flying his TBM upside down). It just seems to me that with the special effects the way they are now, it would be possible to make a very visually impressive film about a naval battle. I am currently reading Halsey's Typhoon by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin, and with the success of The Perfect Storm several years back, no one should have any problem making that into an entertaining movie. What events in naval history would the rest of you pick?
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    Doubtless the battle of Leyte's Gulf. The most great naval battle of the WW2!
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      In order of preference

      Japanese attack on Ulithi anchorage
      Kamikaze attacks at Okinawa
      Leyte Gulf
      Convoy runs to Malta
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        Trafalgar of course!

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          Battle of Jutland (The Lion At Sea)
          Last Battle of Yamato
          The Raid on St. Nazaire


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            Love to see Trafalgar made into a film.
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              I want to see Ulysses.


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                The Tailhook Scandal, LOL !


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                  I have always liked the film "In Harms Way" with John Wayne.

                  It was interesting to me how they used the Character of Wayne's son to illustrate the opposition feelings to World War II. Until I saw this movie I never realized there was any opposition.
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                    Originally posted by Doctor Sinister View Post
                    Trafalgar of course!

                    Dr. S.

                    That is currently in pre-production. The legendary Peter Weir (Master & Commander) is said to helm the new film. However, the budgetary constraints might kill it before filming begins.


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