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    Originally posted by Priest
    There was a movie called "Castle Keep" tat was really weird, particularly the ending.
    Yeah I saw that
    a brain cell


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      Thanks for the mutual aid! I'll admit I was too lazy to go look it up.

      Tim- Regarding "Patton"- I would have to agree that maybe WHEN it was filmed has has much as anything to do with my aversion to it ("dislike" is too strong). In the late '60s early 70's they tended to stylize stuff- like the speech in front of the huge American flag. Did that actually happen? the flag, I mean. Also, IMHO, when they try to catch the whole sweep of the war in a single film, some things are going to suffer-technical details being among the first.
      Anyway, to each his own.


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        Battleground (made in 1949) (2 Oscars)
        a brain cell


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          Originally posted by Redwolf
          The end of the German "Stalingrad" movie is pretty bad, too.

          I usually turn it off when they miss the plane.
          The movie is just great and I thing the end is not bad at all.
          "A platoon of Chinese tanks viciously attacked a Soviet harvester,
          which was peacefully working a field near the Soviet-Chinese border.
          The harvester returned fire and upon destroying the enemy
          returned to its home base."


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            Stalingrad was good - best part is when the battalion commander gives a poor chap a grenade, a man whose gun accidentally went off and alerted a Russian MG, telling him: this is your chance to redeem yourself Schmidt (or something like that)... That guy's face is unpayable.

            Wasn't there another Stalingrad movie... 'ihr sollt wie Hunde sterben', or something, from the 50's....also brutal but more in the "gentlemanny" fashion of those days...
            "You can't change the rules in the middle of the game."
            "Hey, you just made that rule up."

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